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Apply for your certificate - ”Excellence of Maintenance”

What is an Excellence of Maintenance?

An Excellence of Maintenance is an exclusive certificate issued free of charge by von Braun Sports Cars to owners of sports cars from the manufacturers Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Maserati. It is a document of value that proves your car's technical and visual condition and how well your car has been taken care of over time. It is prepared for the owner and handed over in an exclusive format with framing. The certificate certifies that the vehicle meets a very good standard and that the owner has taken measures in accordance with the manufacturer's and / or von Braun Sports Car's recommendations over a longer period of time. The certificate is issued in English to be internationally valid.

Who can apply?

You can apply for an Excellence of Maintenance yourself by filling out the form below. In order for the certificate to be issued, it is required that your car has been serviced at von Braun Sports Cars during the last three years or during the last three service periods when it must also have undergone recommended maintenance. The maintenance that is usually recommended can be found together with fixed prices among the booking options under each model. The time period of three years / three service periods is for von Braun Sports Cars to have a good insight and knowledge of the car to make a correct assessment of how well your car has been taken care of over time.