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47 500 km Skene - SWeden
No warranty other than general sales law for consumers.
Not Reclaimable
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  • Main display:
    Metric & Miles
  • Exterior color:
    Dark blue
  • Interior color:
    Red Leather
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von Braun´s Review

An exclusive and genuine Excalibur Phaeton Series IV made in 1984. Excalibur were very luxurious and expensive cars to buy new. This car came to Sweden as early as 1988. When the Swedish people in 1993, for the eighteenth year in a row, voted Sweden's Most Beautiful Car through the magazine "Bilsport", our car won the competition. Series IV has a V8 engine of 305 cui from Corvette. It has an electric convertible and electric side windows. The brakes and steering are servo assisted. Excalibur is a car manufacturer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - USA. Creator Brooks Stevens, first manufactured a two-seater sports car with aluminum body already in 1952, but returned in 1965 with the model that we today recognize as Excalibur. This time with the Series II extension. The car was originally intended to be built with components from Studebaker but it did not work when the car brand was closed down. Instead, Corvette had to supply the engine and powertrain. So it remained until the manufacture of Excalibur was discontinued in 1990. Excallibur II was renamed after the famous fairytale sword. It was initially a replica of Mercedes' famous SSK model from 1928-29. Over the years, design and construction were changed so that by the end they had a car based on their own components. Excalibur was mainly manufactured in two versions. A two-seater Roadster with a mother-in-law hatch and a "Phateon" with four seats.


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Standard equipment

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Technical Data

Engine version:5.0 lit Chevrolet V8
Power Output:145 KW197 PS
Torque:145 NM Lbs
Length:5250 mm207" (in)
Height:1480 mm58" (in)
Width:1940 mm76" (in)
Weight:2160 kg4762 lbs
Wheelbase:3012 mm119" (in)
Wheel Drive:RWD
Co2: g/km
Nox: g/km
Topspeed: km/h mph
Performance value (0-100km/h): sec.
Engine placement: Front longitudal engine
Weight Distribution (Front):
Weight Distribution (Rear):
Start of production:1980
End of production:1986

Torbjörn von Braun

 von Braun
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