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Sold - Volvo P1800 S 1800S


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<img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/6/660untitled-1104.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/20/660untitled-1109.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/38/660VolvoP1800interior-9.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/4/660VolvoP1800interior-10.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/9/660untitled-1106.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/40/660VolvoP1800interior-13.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/30/660VolvoP1800interior-1.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/11/660VolvoP1800interior-2.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/17/660IMG_9296_4.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/34/660VolvoP1800interior-7.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/21/660VolvoP1800interior-6.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/32/660VolvoP1800interior-5.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/28/660VolvoP1800interior-4.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/19/660VolvoP1800interior-3.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/5/660untitled-1105.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/15/660untitled-1110.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/7/660untitled-1103.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/29/660VolvoP1800interior-15.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/42/660VolvoP1800interior-8.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/23/660IMG_4710_2.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/26/660IMG_4707.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/46/660IMG_4706.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/35/660IMG_4724.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/12/660VolvoP1800interior-11.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/45/660VolvoP1800interior-12.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/22/660untitled-1107.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/31/660IMG_2514.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/41/660IMG_2517.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/25/660IMG_2518.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/3/660IMG_2519.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/13/660IMG_2521.jpg"/><img src="pubdb/bilder/object/777/14/66020220606_144726[1].jpg"/>
1965 145000 km Skene - Sweden
No warranty other than general sales law for consumers.
Not Reclaimable
  • First registration date:
  • First registration country:
  • Gearbox:
    Manual 4-speed w. overdrive
  • Main display:
  • Exterior color:
    Graphite Grey (80)
  • Interior color:
    Red 307
  • Number of keys:
  • Number of remotes:
  • Servicebook:
  • Sericebook history:
  • Soft top color:
  • Carpet color:

von Braun´s Review

An 1800 S 1965 in an exceptionally beautiful design. It was delivered new in Sweden in 1965 with painting in Graphite Gray (80) and red interior. Volvo's reliable B18 sports engine seems to be the car's original engine judging by the numbers. The original dual SU carburetor has been professionally renovated and fitted with SU original racing funnels with loose filter hoods. There are also traditional air filters for the car for those who wish. With 4-speed manual transmission + overdrive, and rear axle with positraction, it feels both comfortable and modern to drive, compared to many 60s cars.
In 2019, the body was completely cleaned and then thoroughly renovated. In 2020, it was painted in its original color "Graphite Gray 80". This color is today one of the most popular colors among original shades. Both painting and interior design are of a very high standard and should not be compared with work on traditional amateur restorations. All the car's chrome details, both inside and out, are original parts that have been sharpened and straightened before they received a new layer of copper and chrome plating from the best professionals in Europe. Most of the interior panels are new. Leather seat upholstery has been adapted to shape and tailored with new Pirelli elastic bands in the frame. Both rear window and front window are new. Carpets are of course new. All rubber wheatherstrips and lenses are new. The engine has previously been renovated and is now serviced. It shows an even compression on all four cylinders. The engine is probably equipped with a slightly sharper camshaft as it runs really well in comparison with the other P1800 we drove. The carburetors are professionally newly renovated. Gearbox, rear axle and brakes have been serviced and prepared. All locks with keys are new and renovated. You choose which rims and tires you think fit best. There are 3 sets to choose from. Diamond brushed and completely renovated classic Swedish JP "Slot Mags" manufactured at the time by Tunaverken in Eskilstuna Sweden with a wide classic white tire side on new "Contio Paw Classic" tires. There is also a set of classic "Minilite" aluminum rims with narrow white tire side and almost new tires, but also a set of original 5.5 "sheet metal rims with tires without white stripe. After completion in the spring of 2022, the car was inspected in May at Bilprovningen. More than 50 years old, it is henceforth completely tax-free and inspection-free for all time to come in Sweden. The car was appreciated and signed by the man who designed the Volvo P1800 - Pelle Petterson during a visit to von Braun Sports Cars in 2021. Most complete presentation can be found at vonBraun.com including 32 high-resolution photos of the undercarriage, engine room, interior and exterior details. Kilometer reading might not be corresponding to the actual kilometres driven.

Ordered optionals on this vehicle


Standard equipment

Front Disc Brakes
Sport 1,8 litre engine with dual SU Carbrettors
Sport Seats in Leather

Technical Data

Engine version:B18, 1780cc, 4 cyl dual carb.
Power Output:80 KW109 PS
Torque: NM lbft
Length:4400 mm173" (in)
Height:12800 mm504" (in)
Width:1680 mm66" (in)
Weight:1130 kg2491 lbs
Wheelbase:2450 mm96" (in)
Wheel Drive:RWD
Co2: g/km
Nox: mg/km
Topspeed:224 km/h139 mph
Performance value (0-100km/h):10.1 sec.
Engine placement: Rear longitudal engine
Weight Distribution (Front):
Weight Distribution (Rear):
Start of production:1961
End of production:1968

Torbjörn von Braun

 von Braun
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USD 73 573
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