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Sold - Ford Mustang Fastback 1964-66


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1965 56 849 Km Skene - Sweden
No warranty other than general sales law for consumers.
Not Reclaimable
  • First registration date:
  • First registration country:
  • Gearbox:
    3 gear Automatic
  • Main display:
    Metric & Miles
  • Exterior color:
    A - Raven Black
  • Interior color:
  • Number of keys:
  • Number of remotes:
  • Servicebook:
  • Sericebook history:
  • Soft top color:
  • Carpet color:

von Braun´s Review

Ford Mustang Fastback A-code in a nice color combination, black exterior paint and red interior. There are new carpets in the front, but behind the back seat they have not been replaced and feel a little sun-bleached.
Sometime during the trip, the car has a completely new floor, which can be seen in the pictures. The engine compartment has a nice patina that gives the impression that it is in a fairly untouched original condition. Bumpers both front and rear as well as parking lights and door handles are new or newly chrome-plated. Other chromium is untouched. The interior is complete and nice but has some fit and details that can be improved. The car is newly polished and has a nice glossy paint job. Km Meter gauage can not be guaranteed.
The most complete information and 26 high-resolution images can be found at vonBraun.com.

Ordered optionals on this vehicle

Automatic gearbox
Power Steering

Standard equipment

No data provided.

Technical Data

Engine version:V8, 289 cui (4727 cc)
Power Output:168 KW228 PS
Torque:414 NM305 lbft
Length:4613 mm182" (in)
Height:1298 mm51" (in)
Width:1732 mm68" (in)
Weight:1310 kg2888 lbs
Wheelbase:2743 mm108" (in)
Wheel Drive:RWD
Co2: g/km
Nox: mg/km
Topspeed: km/h mph
Performance value (0-100km/h): sec.
Engine placement: Front longitudal engine
Weight Distribution (Front):
Weight Distribution (Rear):
Start of production:1964
End of production:1966

Christian Rovik

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