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1988 7785 km Skene - Sweden
No warranty other than general sales law for consumers.
Not Reclaimable
  • First registration date:
  • First registration country:
  • Gearbox:
    5-speed manual
  • Main display:
  • Exterior color:
    FER 300, Rosso Corsa (Red)
  • Interior color:
    A8500 Nero (black)
  • Number of keys:
  • Number of remotes:
  • Servicebook:
  • Sericebook history:
  • Soft top color:
  • Carpet color:
    Nero 90 (black)

von Braun´s Review

How come a 32 year old car only has 7785 km on the meter? On May 21, 1987, a successful property developer from Danderyd joined Bertil Boström at European Motor in Stockholm. He placed his order and got the order confirmed for this Ferrari Testarossa. Delivery was sceduled for the following year in 1988. This was a time when real estate companies and builders often made big money. The real estate industry had a historic "all time high" following a fictitious value increase and a liberalized credit market around housing and real estate. Together with bankers and financiers, Champagne was celebrated and scalded daily when gravel quickly had been converted to gold. Shortly after Enzo Ferrari's death in August 1988, the order book and waiting list of the new Ferrari are said to have been more than 200 cars in the small country of Sweden. If you had been able to buy a car, you would have double paid for it if you resold it! The money flowed and everyone would now invest in one or more Ferrari, whether they were interested in sports cars or not. By the time the legendary racing and sports car icon had died, there was a belief that all cars with Ferrari's name would rise in value ...!
However, history wanted something else. At the turn of the decade around 1990, it swung rapidly. Swedes and Europeans would witness a greater real estate crisis than ever before. The crisis went by the term "glass crash" after all properties that had been erected with glass facades that were now empty. In the big cities, in some cases, they were only worth 20% of their loan debt and properties were torn down or taken over by the banks cheaply. The banks' generous mortgages were quickly withdrawn and huge values was slaughtered without pardon. Interest rates in Sweden rose up to 500% during one period and the Swedish krona lost 30% in value. In this chaos Ferrari cars were often hidden from bankruptcy offices or the public light. No one wanted any longer to show that they had been a part of the story and the "bubble" that just burst. It would take several years for these sports and luxury cars to see the light of day again. When the cars came back, they had already become old. The value was no longer so high and a great service requirement was required before they could be put into operation. But thanks to all this tragic, several fantastic semi-classic Ferrari were saved for the afterlife in a new condition! This Testarossa has had only two owners after our builder who bought it when it was new. It has been used very sparingly since. It has a complete luggage set in natural cuio leather tailored to fit in luggage compartment and coupe compartment. Except from some pressure marks from when the car has been pushed in the garage, it smells and is just like a Testarossa was when it was new. The car has been serviced and maintained at regular intervals. In August 2017 at 7469 km, the timing belts were replaced among other things. Since then it has been driven 310 km! This is today one of the very few cars in the world with such low mileage. It has all the history and keys available including service book and leather folder. Most complete presentation including 39 high-resolution photos can be found at


Trunk luggage set 5 pcs, in Cuoio Modena.

Standard equipment

Air Condition system.
Electric central locking system
Leather interior.
Power operated side view mirrors.
Power operated side windows.

Technical Data

Engine version:Flat 12, 180 deg. 4943cc
Power Output:291 KW396 PS
Torque:291 NM361 Lbs
Length:4485 mm177" (in)
Height:1130 mm44" (in)
Width:1976 mm78" (in)
Weight:1506 kg3320 lbs
Wheelbase:2550 mm100" (in)
Wheel Drive:Rear wheel drive
Co2: g/km
Nox: g/km
Topspeed:290 km/h180 mph
Performance value (0-100km/h):5.3 sec.
Engine placement: Midmounted engine
Weight Distribution (Front):
Weight Distribution (Rear):
Start of production:1984
End of production:1991

Torbjörn von Braun

 von Braun
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