Sold - Maserati GranTurismo S, (444HP)


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2012 19 550 km Skene - Sweden
No warranty other than general sales law for consumers.
Not Reclaimable
  • First registration date:
  • First registration country:
  • Gearbox:
    6-speed sequential w paddleshift
  • Main display:
  • Exterior color:
    Nero Carbonio Metallic
  • Interior color:
  • Number of keys:
  • Number of remotes:
  • Servicebook:
  • Sericebook history:
  • Soft top color:
  • Carpet color:
    30121 Black

von Braun´s Review

Sehr gut ausgestattet und schön Granturismo S. Cambiocorsa Getriebe mit Schaltwippen am Lenkrad. Geliefert neu in Schweden im März 2012 Drei Besitzer seit neu. 20 000 km Service von von Braun im Frühjahr 2017. Die Profiltiefe der Reifen in der Vorderseite ausgeführt ist 6 mm und die hinteren 5 mm. Kupplungsverschleiß ist nur 13.56%. Tranparent Folie gegen Steinschlag auf der Vorderseite angebracht ist. Die große Team besteht aus folgenden Komponenten:


Aerodynamic package in carbon fiber
Neptune Nero 20" wheels.
Interior Carbon Package - Evolution II
Steering wheel shift paddels
Tooled MC Aluminium Pedals
MC Sport Line
Boose premium sound system
Contrast stitching in yellow
Dual color interior
Electrochromatic rear view mirrors
Front parking sensors
I-pod connection
Yellow brake calipers
Central parts of seats in Alcantara.
Skyhook suspension setup.
Alcantara and Leather steering wheel
Central parts of seats in perforated Alcantara.
Seat comfort package

Standard equipment

ASR (Traction Control)
Automatic headlamp activation
AUX and I-pod module
Bi Xenon headlights
Black look front grille
Door mirrors - electrically operated, folding and heated
Black look exterior trim
EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
Electric opening assist for boot lid and doors
Electronically adjustable front seats
Instrument dials in Maserati Blu color with white graph
Lockable, illuminated glove compartment
Maserati clock design with chrome-plated trim
Maserati designation - rear
Maserati Hi-Fi loudspeaker system
Maserati Multi Media System
MSP (Stability Control)
Poltrona Frau™ leather upholstery
Power assisted steering wheel
Pre tention seat belts
Rain sensor
Rear parking sensors
SPORT button for sport mode set-up
Trident logo embossed on head restraints
Trident with red accents
Two individual full size cup-holders (Front/Rear)
Front & rear foglights
Folding front armrest

Technical Data

Engine version:V8 DOHC, 4691cc
Power Output:331 KW450 PS
Torque:331 NM376 Lbs
Length:4881 mm192" (in)
Height:1353 mm53" (in)
Width:1847 mm73" (in)
Weight:1880 kg4145 lbs
Wheelbase:2942 mm116" (in)
Wheel Drive:RWD
Co2:331 g/km
Nox:,03 g/km
Topspeed:295 km/h183 mph
Performance value (0-100km/h):5 sec.
Engine placement: Front longitudal mid engine
Weight Distribution (Front):47
Weight Distribution (Rear):53
Start of production:2011
End of production:2012

Torbjörn von Braun

 von Braun
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USD 94 776
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