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Pilgrim Tour America 2016

60 People, 30 Supercars, 18 Days. TOTALLY CRAZY! Are you READY TO JOIN? See preliminary participants below.

In October 2016 von Braun arranges what many say is impossible. Pilgrim Tour America is a ”once in a lifetime” event that none of us would like to have undone when we look back at our lives. Drive your own supersportscar from the east cost of the United States to California on the west coast together with .

The huge task of planning is now taking place. Flights, car freight over the Atlantic, customs clearance, car insurance, hotels, dinners, road trips, adventures, crazy parties and all those things that will make this event really special.

Watch our trailer below and make your preliminary application for one of the 30 available slots.


Irina & Håkan W. - Ferrari FF
Kenny A. -
Lars N. m fam - Ferrari FF
Anna & Tony G. - Ferrari California
Tina & Lars-Erik E - Ferrari 458 sp.
Pyra & Bertil H. - Ferrari ?
Hanne & Torbjörn vB - von Braun Indigo 3000R
Christina & Sten S - Ferrari California
Anna-Karin & Niclas H. - Audi R8
Lotta & Jerry H. - Ferrari F12?
Angelica & Bosse C - Lamborghini Gallardo sp.
Ingrid R - Aston Martin?
Patrik A +1 - Lamborghini Huracán
Yvonne & Anders H - Porsche?
Cattis & Christer P. - Porsche or Ferrari?
Michael L -
Håkan K - Lamborghini Gallardo
Loo & Christer F - Ferrari 599
Marianne & Johnny O - Ferrari 458
Anders L - Ferrari 488 GTB
Louise E - McLaren MP4
Göran H - Ferrari California 30
Göran S - Lamborghini LP550-2 V.Balboni.
Mika L - Ferrari 458?

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