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Press Release: von Braun Indigo 3000R

Id: 59 - Publicerad: 2015-02-04 13:38

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Five weeks ago, the news was that von Braun Holding AB, in the spring of 2014, acquired the total assets after the famous Swedish sports car manufacturer Indigo Cars. Shortly thereafter, the job of revising the design of the classic sports car Indigo 3000 to Lighthaus Industrial Design in Gothenburg. Under the leadership of Hans Philip Zachau, the team during the four intensive months made a comprehensive upgrade of the car's design. Today presents exterior design.

Sports Car Indigo was originally designed by Volvo's former exterior design studio director Hans Philip Zachau. Now that 15 years later was time to take the sports car to the next level, it was natural for von Braun that the assignment was awarded the author with colleagues.

- After a few workshops with von Braun in Skene project was defined very clearly. Our task was to seize the original idea about the design as much as possible, but to adapt it to a range of upgrades with technical and aerodynamic improvements, says Hans Philip Zachau.

The need was soon clear that they needed to define and sharpen the car's design in order to meet the market in 2015. They were forced to remain within certain limits to pretty much be able to use existing manufacturing tools. The overall result gives a completely new experience around the car. The 50 updates made on the design includes, inter alia, a modified front party, in addition to LED lighting, received a new grille, front splitter and air intake for brake cooling. A brand new lower rear portion venturitunnel, which together with the new rear wing improves aerodynamics significantly. A modified bonnet with longitudinal elevation and air emissions to reduce lift forces from the wheel arches. A more defined waist and stronger shoulders of the rear fenders. Coupe-performance presented are the basic same open car, but with a so-called Coupe Package, it consists of a removable roof, expanded sound insulation, better sound system and a tailored luggage set behind the vehicle seats.

- This is the case of an extremely limited series of 10 unique cars representing a Swedish engineering and sports car heritage. We are delighted to be part of a unique product that is likely to be something special for 10 lucky owners. How the future of the sports car Indigo then looks like remains to be seen, but we are of course many who go and hope to see more of this type of car manufacturing in Sweden in the future, concludes Hans Philip Zachau.

For further information on the project's design, contact:Hans Philip Zachau
+46 (0)708 200530

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