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Mats Hallman

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Mats Hallman is a man with true passion for all the beautiful and fast moving things in life. Fast cars and fast motorboats have always played a central role, but he is much more of a multifaceted person than to unilaterally pursue materialistic things. The passion and love to his familly, beautiful wife, journeys and all kinds of strange pets is a typical feature of his personality. Mats is a true entrepreneur with a great network and customer base. He´s one of the founders behind the biggest car detailing franchise concept in Scandinavia - Mr.Cap and still involved in several automotive related companies. Mats has been a part of the von Braun business since 1998. During 1998-2001 he made it possible for von Braun Sports Cars to increased the number of Ferraris in Sweden with 100 percent! Mats has probably been the owner of most kind of cars, such as Ferrari, Ford GT40, Austin Healey, Porsche and all kind of modern GT, luxury and performance-cars. He loves sale and customer relations and is waiting for your call or e-mail.

Mats Hallman